It’s no longer about how many hours you work or how many different offers you can create but how you leverage the power of LESS that actually increases your profits from month to month.


While a "booked out business" model used to feel like the ultimate dream, you now see what people really mean when they talk about trading time for money in business because that’s what you keep finding yourself doing (and you/those closest to you are paying the price).


Diversifying and automating certain streams of income is not only vital for the long term sustainability of your business but is what will allow you to spend less time on your computer and more time enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to create.



And when I hit that point in my business, I felt like I was a party of one.

Everyone around me was either wishing they had hit the point in their business to even have “this kind of #firstworldproblem.”


Were so wrapped up in the month to month rollercoaster their business was on that they couldn’t even fathom taking the time to ask themselves if they were truly happy. Operating from a place of constant effort out equals money in.

I tried to push what I was feeling aside.

I hoped it would figure itself out in time.

But it never went away because something inside of me knew the truth.

I needed to make the decision to change.

And when I made that decision, there was no turning back.

And I pulled out one of the best pages of my own business playbook throughout the years…


Instead of listening to everything around me that pointed to more of the same, I invested my time, money energy into the people who would show me the way.

What did I learn?

  • They all had to make a decision to stop chasing the “NOW” money in their business with client work, and instead set up the systems and offers that fueled their bigger vision.
  • They had offers that could sell with or without them there, with rock solid sales drivers in place, so that they could continue to effectively scale.
  • They weren’t focused on the chase to being “the most known” or “the person with the most followers” because they already knew popularity doesn’t always equal profitability.
  • They didn’t believe in working in a vacuum when it comes to business and were willing to lean on the support of both mentors and peers that have been/are in the same position.

Which is why, when friends of mine told me I was out of my mind to go on a mission to flip my income from just over 80% of it coming from 1:1/DFY work to 80% passive/leveraged so that I could have more freedom in my life…

I simply smiled and did it anyway.

I trusted in what my definition of freedom driven success was and committed myself to it.


A woman who can now take on dream clients because she wants to not has to.
A woman who has full control of her schedule and her energy.
A woman who has no limit to the amount of impact she can make in this world.
A woman who can increase her income at any time, on autopilot.
A woman who can truly say that her business serves her lifestyle, instead of the other way around.


A woman who has since dedicated herself to helping powerful business owners, just like you, step into their definition of freedom driven success as well.

Working with Jess for 6 months was a no-brainer. The Collective changed my LIFE. In fact, I haven't seen a program yet that exceeds the value that Jess gives and brings in those 6-months together. She has astoundingly set the bar incredibly high. There is no stone unturned in her program. You will have EVERYTHING you need to pursue your business goals and exceed them. It's through her program I reached my first 6-figure year. And I keep coming back for more because she really is the bomb dot com. Whether you are joining her Clients to Courses® program or The Collective, you will not go wrong by working with Jessica. Thank you for being one of the most influential businesswomen in my life!

Jasmin Haley, Nationally-Awarded Speaker, Podcaster, Pro-Educator, and Biz Strategist

I've had so many wins working with Jessica! I've grown my team, asked new questions of my business to solve problems I never knew I had. I got more comfortable with trying new things. Throughout our time together, I created a free mini training, my Time Management Made Simple program and my membership Leverage Lab. I also created an entire training and membership site to deliver those programs as well as multiple funnels with tripwire pages, OTO offers, flash sale emails, nurture emails to build the relationship with my audience. I always felt incredibly supported!!

Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist



A high-touch, all-access, 1:1 + group experience designed to equip you with the customized strategy, systems and support to get you and your business off the 1:1/DFY client relient rollercoaster and leverage the power of scalable offers, strategic sales funnels and connection-driven marketing to increase your impact (without increasing your work hours).

Business owners who love what they do in a 1:1/DFY capacity but want to step into a way of business that can not only serve on a bigger level but also doesn't require them to always be trading time for money to do so.

New rounds of The Collective begin twice a year. The next round will begin on January 10, 2022.

As a “small town girl” I struggled to feel like a true leader or expert in the online space and it kept holding me back from the growth I knew I was capable of. The Collective supported me in letting go of clients who were not aligned with where I was heading, updating my branding, launching a membership and growing my team… all of which allowed me to fully step into the CEO role of my business, without being so hands on all the time. Most of all, The Collective allowed me to be myself and connect with amazing business owners who get it!

Stacey Nachajski, Social Media Mentor, Strategist & Speaker


($2,000 value)

Want to be sure you're starting off your time in The Collective on the right foot? I've got you covered! In our 2 hour 1:1 intensive, we will take a deep dive into where your business is currently, your vision and create a customized plan to execute throughout your time in The Collective so we're both on the same page - every step of the way!

($1,000 value)

There are humans behind every single business and ignoring that is a recipe for hitting business goals at the expense of your health, happiness and relationships. Not on my watch! This is why we come together as a group, for a full day, to get to the core of what you really want in your business AND life, why it matters and how to create KPIs that support what you really want the journey to look and feel like.

(1 per month, $5,0000 value)

This will be our 1:1 time together to focus in on what you’re working on, set targets, brainstorm ideas and get down to the nitty gritty of everything from your offers to launches, funnels, team, etc. In other words, we'll be coming together each month to make sure you're staying on track and fully supported in order to do so.

($3,000 value)

Throughout our time together, you’ll have direct and separate access to me - right in your pocket! Previous members will agree that this is always their favorite part of working together as it gives us the opportunity to really get down to what's happening, in real-time, for accelerated results!

(1 per month, $3,000 value)

Each month, we come together as a group, hot seat style, in order to leverage our collective (see what I did there?!) knowledge and skill sets to support your needs in the moment so that you can walk away with full clarity and action steps on what needs to happen next!

($3,000 value)

Copy not your favorite thing? Or you simply want to make it better? You're going to love the support you get from our copy expert, Jen Hill Myers! Each week, you can submit any copy you're working on (sales pages, landing pages, emails, etc.) and she'll respond back with a Loom video with personalized feedback!

($1,500 value)

Guest experts will be coming in to give you inside knowledge of what's working now. This could include anything from branding, team growth social media, mindset and more. Who comes in will be based on the needs of the current round so that's it's custom to you!

($497 value)

This community is exclusive to the women in the current round of The Collective and is used to stay accountable, share wins and resources and talk about what's happening behind the scenes together.

($2,500 value)

What can I say about the retreats I run except that I've been told they're worth more than the entire investment in The Collective alone?! All members of The Collective get exclusive access to a live, three day retreat filled with connection, learning and fun!

($7,000 value)

If I have it, it's yours! From our signature program, Clients to Courses®, to all current and previous programs, workshops, spreadsheets and trainings, you get access to our entire library to support you and your journey (along with things only in my personal arsenal as well!)


“Everything I do involves me being there and I’m aware that it’s not sustainable but it feels like a catch 22 trying to change it. If I’m out, there’s no income being generated and this woman has bills to pay!”

“I know I need to take this direction in order to get to the next level but have SO many questions. Webinars or challenges? Clickfunnels or Kajabi? My course or my group program?? Which do I evergreen?”

“I started this business to have more time with my family but hasn’t turned into that… at all.”

“Between my everyday tasks and client work, I never seem to have time to implement the actions I need to take in order to generate passive or sustainable income for myself.”

“What if I put in the time and it doesn’t work for me? To be honest, I feel new all over again with this area of business.”

“I’m nervous I’ll lose the connection I have with my audience if I start adding in more automation or that what I do 1:1 won’t transition into an evergreen offer.”

“I actually tried to go down this road and got so frustrated that I went back to “easy” money with clients, even though I don’t want to have to rely on that.” 

“I never focused on growing my list and now I’m kicking myself for it - I barely have people to sell a scalable offer to!”

"I know I'm on the edge of something big but that I do much better upleveling when surrounded by 1:1 support and accountability."


In order to provide the high-touch experience that that fully supports each and every woman inside, The Collective is filled by application only.

Click below to submit your application for our January 2022 round!

Note: Once the final spot is taken, this page will turn into a waitlist page so if you are seeing it now, we have a spot available for this round.

The Collective changed my life! I had been in a bunch of courses and programs and always felt like I was the black sheep in the online space. As much as I tried, nothing really stuck, leaving me feeling fizzy and frazzled. All of that changed inside of The Collective! Since my time in The Collective, I have finally stepped into my skin and where I belong in the online space, have become clear about my mission and message, broke the $100k mark in my business and hired two employees, all with my youngest at home!

Theresa Baretta, Operations Coachsultant™ and CEO of Loop Link

Investing in Jessica Rodriguez is by far the best investment I have made so far in my business.  She is an inspirational leader who cares deeply about those she serves. Her playful soul and her strategic, entrepreneurial mind are a potent combination for any business owner looking to work less and make more.  I cannot recommend her enough! She surpassed my every expectation as a mentor and helped my business thrive even in the toughest of times.  Jessica has a knack for bringing together business owners with diverse backgrounds that somehow fit perfectly together.  The people alone, who surround you in The Collective make your investment worthwhile.  If you are contemplating working with Jess, know that you will not be disappointed!  Her expertise will trigger massive shifts in your life and business that will forever change your direction for the better.

Rachel Krampe, Founder of the Do Good Alliance


Here's a bit of what we will cover to create the transformation you deserve.


  • Diving into what you truly want out of both your business and life, so we can create a full plan of action that puts you and your individual business goals first.
  • Getting down to the nitty gritty of all your available offers so we can see where the specific income gaps are in your business that need to be bridged to meet your goals. The answer to more intention, NOT more offers :)
  • Determining which offers in your business are best to set up for passive/leveraged sales and which are best for 1:1/DFY.
  • Identifying which content and sales drivers are the right fit based on your goals, price points and personality.

For an existing offer:

  • Finding the gaps that are keeping your current buyers from making it to the finish line in order to not only have them coming back for more but referring their friends.
  • Analyzing the feedback from previous buyers and brainstorming changes that need to be made to the offer, delivery method, overall structure and/or price points to scale and serve on a bigger level.

For a new offer:

  • Mapping out your new scalable offer in a way that utilizes your biggest strengths and keeps your audience in mind every step of the way.
  • Matching your personal teaching/delivery style with the needs of your audience so that it becomes a “no brainer” offer on both sides.


  • How to prep your audience before a live launch so that they’re excited and ready to engage in  your upcoming webinar/challenge/video series.
  • Simplifying the live launch process in order to validate your scalable offer and generate profits that can be used for your automated funnels (yes, even if you’re still working with clients!)
  • Navigating the emotions that come during a launch period and troubleshooting as things come up so that you can be excited to finish what you started.
  • Planning, understanding and tracking your numbers so you always know what to expect when launching any new scalable offer in your business, in a profitable way.


  • Choosing the right tools for your needs that maximize your profits while also saving you time in the process.
  • Fully mapping out the necessary funnel(s) and/or systems (leaving nothing to guesswork) so you can eliminate the confusion, save time and turn your scalable offer into evergreen sales.
  • Planning out and implementing a paid traffic and content strategy that leads people right to your converting funnel daily.
  • Effectively building your team with those who can accelerate your growth as you learn to let go of the “Type A personality” label and embrace your CEO role.
  • Refining and maximizing your efforts, as your business continues to scale.


The Collective is not only about producing financial wins but wins that are positively impacting other areas of their life as well. This means that The Collective isn’t the place for surface level connections or growth, we want to support you both truly and fully and are looking for women who are open to exactly that.

Take a scroll through some of the conversations that have gone down in our private community to see for yourself!

Dates: March 2022

Already know the power of in-person connection? If so, you're going to LOVE what we have up our sleeves for you!

All members of The Collective get exclusive access to a transformative three days together, that are completely customized to the women in the group.

(And yes, all photos on this page are from past retreats because there's a photographer included for solo and group shots because #canthaveenoughphotos)


Click the videos below to hear it in their own words!


Theresa went from feeling frazzled with so many skill sets and ideas to a level of clarity and focus that propelled her forward in crossing over six figures, hiring her first employee and launching her course!

Click play to hear her story.


Lauren went from joining all the courses, with little to show for all her efforts, to wrapping up her time in The Collective with a completely different business, target market and business model that not only lights her up but is converting effortlessly!

Click play to hear her story.


Kenna went from a negative previous coaching experience and burning the candle at both ends to taking back control of her path to success, owning her true secret sauce, simplifying her offers and increasing her revenue as a result!

Click play to hear her story.

In order to provide the high-touch experience that that fully supports each and every woman inside, The Collective is filled via application so we can ensure it's a perfect fit for your business and goals.

Click below to submit your application for our January 2022 round!

Note: Once the final spot is taken, this page will turn into a waitlist page so if you are seeing it now, we have a spot available for this round.

Since working together 1:1 and in The Collective, I had my first $100k launch, almost doubled my 1:1 rates, grew my team, launched a new mastermind AND got to spoil my family and friends with amazing experiences in the process of it all!

Jessica's support, her wisdom, her ideas, her know-how were just what I needed. I was scared of FB ads...we made “unicorn” ads. I was scared of funnels… we made it feel good and mapped it out. I was scared to scale and Jess helped me make it feel good to grow! 

You get so much support from Jess, it's crazy! You can trust that if you are ready to show up to take the next step, you will be guided along the way and supported fully. Jess goes above and beyond to ensure you have all the tools and mindset in check to grow your business!

Emily King, Wealth and Abundance Coach

I thought I was just going in for business strategy and ended up getting that and so much more! Not just any strategy but one that is aligned with myself and my vision of success plus a really strong foundation of business that included messaging and branding to help ME and MY expertise shine.

During my time in The Collective, I’ve had the biggest mindset shifts ever, built one of my first funnels to my signature course and created a waitlist with ready to buy buyers!

It’s NOT just another investment and Jess isn't just any other coach. Everyone says "I wish I'd joined sooner", which is super cliché but also true. It's made me a not just a better business owner but a better girlfriend and friend!

Jenn Rodriguez, Spiritual Mindset Coach


You're an online business owner who is currently generating an income in your business (most likely from 1:1/DFY clients but possibly other offers as well).

You are ready to diversify your offers in a way that fully aligns with your desired lifestyle, so that you can create continuous stability and scalability.

You work best in a high-touch setting where you can learn, grow and thrive with others, as well as 1:1.

You believe in the importance of BOTH strategy and mindset, and want leverage both in your business.


You're just starting out in your business, don't know what business to build and/or have not generated an income yet.

You are looking to "get rich quick" instead of showing up and putting in the work (internally and externally) to achieve your goals.

You're not interested in creating scalable offers or streamlined systems for profit in your business at this time.

You spend more time fighting for your limitations than being open to your true potential.


Why six months?

As I’m sure you already know, change takes time and I don’t want you to feel rushed trying to cram everything into a few weeks or months. I also don’t want to leave you hanging as soon as things are getting ready to scale!

If you are starting with a new scalable offer, we need time to get a few launches under your belt with it before automating it into a funnel so this will give us time to do that.

If you’ve already launched this offer, you may need to go through another launch to get the data we need and then we can work on navigating the creation and scaling of your funnel.

Already have all the live launch goods? This will give us time to really dive into the scaling of your funnel and improve conversion rates, sales driver attendance, etc. If you’re already at this point, you already get that there’s an art to it. :)

Also, if you’re anything like me…. I’ll just tell you that we’re also going to need some time in there to deal with the resistance you’re going to inevitably feel around making money without being there and allowing yourself to get off the “must show up all the time” way of working you’ve been used to. #allthenewboundries

What’s the difference between this and working with you 1:1?

At this time, the only way to work with me 1:1 is a 2 hour intensive, with 30 day Voxer support, for $3,000.

The Collective not only allows you to work with me 1:1 in a longer and more connected fashion but also with a hand selected group of women who are all heading in the same direction, for amplified results.

I also believe in being able to access your mentors so don't worry because... you'll be getting lots of me still ;) #voxerforthewin

What is the difference between The Collective and Clients to Courses®?

Clients to Courses® has KILLER trainings, resources and masterclasses that will support you in your journey. That’s actually why I give you bonus access to it so that you have easy access to all of it.

However, Clients to Courses
® alone is set to go at your own pace and specific to... courses. This means you can build, launch and sell your courses as slow or as fast as you want and you’re accountable to yourself to do so!

With The Collective, we look at your business as a whole, including a variety of offers and business models and everything we do is customized to your specific goals and needs.

This includes everything from direct access to me on Voxer (aka me in your pocket!) to 1:1 calls and my eyes on every sales page, funnel, etc. that you want them on. You’re also 100% ok with me reminding you of your vision, holding you accountable for bringing it to life and talking about the real life that happens in between.

Essentially, I become your business partner in crime because I am ALL IN for your business when we partner in this high-touch capacity.

Oh… and we get to TRAVEL together!

My business is XYZ, does that matter?

The short of it? If you've been saying YESSSS throughout this page, then the answer is probably also YES.

However, I will tell you that I’ve personally run profitable businesses in the freelance, health and wellness, social media, affiliate and business spaces. Aside from my own business, I’ve also not only worked in advertising for seven years but have worked with clients who span the range of expertise between B2B and B2C.

The biggest thing I look for in a business owner? You have to be purpose-driven. It may sound cheesy but it’s true. If you’re not insanely passionate about positively impacting lives with your gifts, I’m simply not the best person to partner with.

I’ll get down and dirty with business, tell you how it is and call you out on where you’re playing small but I’m also a bigggg puffy heart who will remember you, your vision and our time together long after it's done.

Also, I personally speak with each potential member before they join and if I don't feel I can fully serve you, I will let you know so we are both leading in integrity together.

But Jess, I’ve already invested in my business quite a bit and, to be real with you, it makes me nervous on the financial side?

I’d actually be worried if you weren’t nervous right now because this should push you a bit out of your comfort zone. All change does.

That also doesn’t include that you’ve been in business long enough to know that not all investments are created equal. Some worked out, some didn’t and others you have one heck of a crazy story about.

It happens to all of us. In fact, it’s a part of the journey.

However, I don’t believe that just throwing money at your business, without discernment is a good idea. So, let’s go through an exercise right here in the FAQ!

“If I take money out of the equation right now, does this offer align with my goals for the next six months?”

See what honestly comes up for you. This takes out the money stories out and allows you to make an informed decision for YOUR business and vision.

If your goal is to focus on booking client spots or being a sold out speaker, the answer would be no for this offer. Clear and simple. If your goal is to create a scalable way of business that works FOR you, your lifestyle and your goals? Well… that’s a yes. :D

Just so you know, this is EXACTLY how I decide investments in my own business. I choose based on where I want to BE vs where I am currently. And that’s why I continue to get there time after time.

If it aligns with and gets me to my goals, I lean into the fear and go for it because I know it’s what I need. If it doesn’t, I walk away no matter how shiny and appealing it may look.

Now you know a big part of how we not only paid off $120k in debt but also have had multiple, profitable, online businesses over the years. Not from being fearless but from consistently making decisions that serve my future goals, despite that fear.

What if I can’t make the retreat?

No worries!  While I would absolutely loveeeee to hug you IRL and have all the learning and laughs together, I also get that sometimes schedules or life situations don’t fit. It's ok! Our retreat is a bonus of The Collective, not a requirement.

What if I want more than six months?

You won't be the first one! :D Here's the full scoop... I personally don't enjoy year long commitments upfront and find that many of those out there serve the person running the group more than the members themselves.

Instead, I would rather YOU decide if you'd like to continue on for another six months together, based on where you are at the time. 

If you need another level of support at that time, no problem! Your time is up and we stay internet bffs!

If you want to continue on into the next round of The Collective, you can renew for another six months of growth together. Current members always get first dibs at spots for the next round.

This way, we BOTH come out as the winners we are!

I have a question that isn't answered here, now what?

Fill out the application and let's talk about it! In my book, it's always better to be upfront with questions and get answers that help me to decide the best direction vs wondering "what if." 


In order to provide the high-touch experience that that fully supports each and every woman inside, The Collective is filled via application so we can ensure it's a perfect fit for your business and goals.

Click below to submit your application for our January 2022 round!

Note: Once the final spot is taken, this page will turn into a waitlist page so if you are seeing it now, we have a spot available for this round.

A year ago I was lost. I was working my butt off trying to get my business off the ground -- hustling with a baby on my hip late at night, early in the morning, and at nap times -- and I was miserable. Not only because I was hardly breaking even, but also because I felt like I had to be this person who I totally wasn’t because (in my head) I thought that’s what my audience wanted. 

Flash forward to this year… thanks to Jessica, I’m no longer afraid to show up genuinely. I have made a massive shift in how I work on my business (spoiler alert: I no longer “hustle”), and the numbers back me up. I’ve made more in 6 months than I did the year previously, have grown my list from 300 unengaged subscribers to over 1,000 of my perfect people, and I feel GOOD doing all of it. 

Best decision I’ve made for my business, and my life, was to work with Jessica.

McKenna Montcalm, Balance Coach for Moms