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Let’s start with being straight with each other.

You’re here right now because you’re at a crossroads no one fully prepared you for in business.

✔️ Yes, you've been doing work you love.
✔️ Yes, you're grateful that you've been able to create a business that allows you to share your expertise with others.
✔️ And yes, you’re doing happy dances when people tell you just how much they love what you do.

However, you don’t have the the two things you deeply desire the most from your business...

Stability and freedom.

Instead of living the life everyone told you you’d have by now if you just “put in the work,” the reality isn’t looking like that at all. You aren’t swimming in rooms of coins #ScroogeMcDuckStyle each month, you’re not spending your days at the beach and you’re absolutely not unplugged from… anything.

You’re just working. A lot.

Why? Because you have a business to run and that business has a lot going on every day to keep everything afloat.

You've tried outsourcing and still wound up with the same amount of work on your plate in the end.

You've raised your pricing, only to still be working the same amount of hours every day.

You've created a scalable offer like a course, membership or group program to get you out of always trading time for money but now find yourself but it's not selling enough to make the kind of change you need.

You were told if you put in the work, that work would start working for you but.... when? Because that surely isn't what it's looking like now and no amount of revenue seems to have been able to change that for you yet.


You know something needs to change. You deserve more than this. Your family deserves more than this.

But… how?

At a certain point in business, you begin to experience three realities...


It’s no longer about how many hours you work or how many different offers you can create but how you leverage the power of LESS that actually increases your profits from month to month.


While a "booked out" 1:1 business model used to feel like the ultimate dream, you now see what people really mean when they talk about trading time for money in business because that’s what you keep finding yourself doing (and you/those closest to you are paying the price).


Diversifying and automating certain streams of revenue is not only vital for the long-term sustainability and scalability of your business but is what will allow you to spend less time on your computer and more time enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to create.

What's better than piña coladas and getting caught in the rain? Scalable offers (and streams of revenue) that can sell and serve daily, regardless of your work hours.




The Collective is a high-touch six-month 1:1 + group experience for business owners who are ready to break through their current revenue ceiling and create the level of freedom they started their business to have with scalable offers that sell on autopilot.

WARNING: Side effects of this kind of business include spontaneous dances as sales alerts come through, the need to find hobbies to fill your newly found time and the ability to impact the lives of others in a bigger way, through the revenue you generate.

The Collective is right for you if....

You want a personalized approach transforming your business into freedom driven success by leveraging a scalable offer that will allow you to increase your revenue and impact, without increasing your work hours.

You are a coach or service provider who knows that more people could benefit from your work.

You have been thinking leveraging a scalable offer like an online course, membership or group program but find yourself confused about which one is best for you or how to do it effectively in today's market.

You have an existing scalable offer that isn't generating consistent sales yet and you want to change that.... stat!

You're teachable and willing to put in the work but want to make sure it's the kind of work that will get you to your specific goals versus busy work.

You genuinely care about the work you do and want to provide a scalable offer to your audience that positively impacts them.

You work best with small settings and 1:1 support when working through something new and the additional accountability it provides.

With The Collective, you will have EVERYTHING you need to pursue your business goals and exceed them. In fact, I haven't seen a program yet that exceeds the value that Jess gives and brings. She has astoundingly set the bar incredibly high.

I was in a huge transition after pivoting outside of one industry and trying to figure out my new business model and Jessica helped me streamline what I truly needed to focus on each month and encouraged me when I was ready to punk out.

As a result, I literally 3X'ed my income in 4 months, started a new group consulting program, sold out my first speaker retreat and had a 38k sales month!

I keep coming back for more because she really is the bomb dot com. Whether you are joining her Clients to Courses® program or The Collective, you will not go wrong by working with Jessica!

Jasmin Haley, Nationally-Awarded Speaker, Podcaster, Pro-Educator, and Speaker Coach

I've had so many wins working with Jessica! I've grown my team, asked new questions of my business to solve problems I never knew I had. I got more comfortable with trying new things. Throughout our time together, I created a free mini training, my Time Management Made Simple program and my membership Leverage Lab. I also created an entire training and membership site to deliver those programs as well as multiple funnels with tripwire pages, OTO offers, flash sale emails, nurture emails to build the relationship with my audience. I always felt incredibly supported!!

Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist

The Collective changed my life! I had been in a bunch of courses and programs and always felt like I was the black sheep in the online space. As much as I tried, nothing really stuck, leaving me feeling fizzy and frazzled. All of that changed inside of The Collective! Since my time in The Collective, I have finally stepped into my skin and where I belong in the online space, have become clear about my mission and message, broke the $100k mark in my business and hired two employees, all with my youngest at home!

Theresa Baretta, Operations Coachsultant™ and CEO of Loop Link

As a “small town girl” I struggled to feel like a true leader or expert in the online space and it kept holding me back from the growth I knew I was capable of. The Collective supported me in letting go of clients who were not aligned with where I was heading, updating my branding, launching a membership and growing my team… all of which allowed me to fully step into the CEO role of my business, without being so hands on all the time. Most of all, The Collective allowed me to be myself and connect with amazing business owners who get it!

Stacey Nachajski, Social Media Mentor, Strategist & Speaker

What's better than finding out the guac is free? A business model that supports you on the days you love everything and the days you need a soft blanket and Netflix.

What's waiting for you inside The Collective...


Our 1:1 sessions are there to set targets, brainstorm ideas, and get down to the nitty-gritty of everything from your offers to launches, funnels, team, etc. In other words, we'll be coming together each month to make sure you're staying on track and fully supported in order to do so.

Includes a 2 Hour 1:1 Kickoff intensive to plan out our time together, followed by (5) 45-minute 1:1 sessions throughout the next six months.


Throughout our time together, you’ll have direct and separate access to me - right in your pocket!

Previous members will agree that this is always their favorite part of working together as it gives us the opportunity to really get down to what's happening, in real-time, for accelerated results!


Each week, you can submit any copy you're working on (sales pages, landing pages, emails, etc.) as well as any offer outlines, launch plans, funnel frameworks, team onboarding documents, etc. for review and feedback.


These sessions allow us to come together as a group, hot seat style, in order to leverage our collective (see what I did there?!) knowledge and skillsets to support your needs at the moment so that you can walk away with full clarity and action steps on what needs to happen next!


There are humans behind every single business and humans thrive on connection! This is why we provide two retreats for The Collective.

1: Success: Redefined Virtual Retreat: At the beginning of our time together, we spend a virtual day together to get to the core of what you want in your business, why it matters, and how to create KPIs that support what you really want the journey to look and feel like. (pssst! these KPIs are then reviewed together each month to make sure you're making the progress you want!)

2: The Collective In-Person Retreat: What can I say about the retreats I run except that I've been told they're worth more than the entire investment in The Collective alone?! All members of The Collective get exclusive access to a live, three-day retreat filled with connection, learning, and fun! Note, virtual options are available for those unable to travel.


If we have it, it's yours! From our current and previous programs, workshops, spreadsheets, and training, you get access to our entire library to support you and your journey (along with things only in my personal arsenal as well!)


As a client in The Collective, you'll have access to a private Voxer thread specifically women in the current round to stay accountable, share wins and resources, and talk about what's happening behind the scenes together.

What's better than being (internet) cool like the other side of the pillow? Consistent impact and profits, month after month.

Curious about what past clients have experienced inside The Collective?

Go ahead and take a peek at some of the screenshots from our previous rounds!

Which brings us back to you. How would it feel to...

Create a transformative scalable offer that allows you to compliment, replace and/or surpass your current 1:1 revenue?

Have an automated sales machine in your business that allows the work you put in today to work for you, over and over again?

Grow your team team in a way that honors both your values and overall profits in the business?

Celebrate your highest and most profitable revenue year to date?

Take time away from your business for the first time in years, without your revenue (or sanity) taking a hit?

Create an unshakable belief in yourself, what you need and how you work best?

"The In-Person Retreat Alone is Worth The Entire Investment!"

We've heard it so much that we're going to go ahead and toot our own horn here... toot toot! With each round of The Collective, we include one in-person retreat to come together, learn, relax and connect. From delicious food to photoshoots and exploring the city we're in, we leave no stone unturned in creating a memorable experience together!

Collective 1.0 In-Person Retreat
Austin, TX

Collective 2.0 In-Person Retreat
Portland, OR

Collective. 3.0 In-Person Retreat
Nashville, TN

Collective. 5.0 In-Person Retreat
Nashville, TN

Collective 6.0 In-Person Retreat
Austin, TX

Collective 7.0 In-Person Retreat
San Diego, CA

Can't attend live? No problem!

As much as I'd love to hug you in person, I believe in business working WITH your life, not against it. This is why all training sessions are streamed via Zoom for those who would like to attend virtually.

Ready to apply for a spot inside The Collective?

In order to provide the high-touch experience that fully supports each and every woman inside, The Collective is filled via application so we can ensure it's a perfect fit for your specific business and goals.

Click below to submit your application for our next round!

Since working together 1:1 and in The Collective, I had my first $100k launch, almost doubled my 1:1 rates, grew my team, launched a new mastermind AND got to spoil my family and friends with amazing experiences in the process of it all!

Jessica's support, her wisdom, her ideas, her know-how were just what I needed. I was scared of FB ads...we made “unicorn” ads. I was scared of funnels… we made it feel good and mapped it out. I was scared to scale and Jess helped me make it feel good to grow! 

You get so much support from Jess, it's crazy! You can trust that if you are ready to show up to take the next step, you will be guided along the way and supported fully. Jess goes above and beyond to ensure you have all the tools and mindset in check to grow your business!

Emily King, Wealth and Abundance Coach

The Collective is truly a different program! The business coaching aspect is outstanding AND the program delivers MUCH more than business coaching. Jessica is the, and the other women of the group truly cared about everyone's success. I felt like we were all moving forward together.

I was able to simplify so much - one offer, one focus area, simplifying my lead generation system. I am really confident in HOW I'm delivering my program too. I feel like I can have a life, yet still give my clients a great experience. I feel so much happier and I also know that this new business sets me up for financial success.

I could not have made such major shifts in my business without this program!

Jennifer Nagel, Business Mentor for FitPros

I've spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on multiple programs with varying levels of support. The Collective is far superior to any of them for two reasons: the level of hands-on support you get from Jess and the quality of the women in the group (heart-centered and high performing). Plus, you get access to all of Jess's courses which is SOOO valuable! I felt like I always had a course that would fit my needs right in my back pocket.

Tara Wilder, Tech Strategist

I thought I was just going in for business strategy and ended up getting that and so much more! Not just any strategy but one that is aligned with myself and my vision of success plus a really strong foundation of business that included messaging and branding to help ME and MY expertise shine.

During my time in The Collective, I’ve had the biggest mindset shifts ever, built one of my first funnels to my signature course and created a waitlist with ready to buy buyers!

It’s NOT just another investment and Jess isn't just any other coach. Everyone says "I wish I'd joined sooner", which is super cliché but also true. It's made me a not just a better business owner but a better girlfriend and friend!

Jenn Rodriguez, Spiritual Mindset Coach

A year ago I was lost. I was working my butt off trying to get my business off the ground -- hustling with a baby on my hip late at night, early in the morning, and at nap times -- and I was miserable. Not only because I was hardly breaking even, but also because I felt like I had to be this person who I totally wasn’t because (in my head) I thought that’s what my audience wanted. 

Flash forward to this year… thanks to Jessica, I’m no longer afraid to show up genuinely. I have made a massive shift in how I work on my business (spoiler alert: I no longer “hustle”), and the numbers back me up. I’ve made more in 6 months than I did the year previously, have grown my list from 300 unengaged subscribers to over 1,000 of my perfect people, and I feel GOOD doing all of it. 

Best decision I’ve made for my business, and my life, was to work with Jessica.

McKenna Montcalm, Balance Coach for Moms

The Collective is SO DIFFERENT! You’re joining a group of amazing (hand-picked) CEOs who each bring their own expertise and experience to the table, so it’s not just a group coaching experience — we really feed off each other’s strengths and that kind of support is critical to making big moves.

Jess is so good at *lovingly* calling me out when I start turtling! I love that she’s been through it all so she can see what’s happening and has the 30,000 foot view so she can help us see where we’re headed.

Being a part of The Collective was THE difference in shifting into a CEO mindset in my biz and owning my expertise. I’ve navigated a really tough spot and discovered a LOT of areas for improvement — and now I feel like I can strategically work through those areas and get to the other side without getting stuck!

Jen Hill Myers, Copywriter

The Collective is unlike any other investment I've made! Before joining, I felt that I had too many ideas, but no structure to implement them. However, getting clarity with what I need help with and understanding the structures and systems I needed to implement was crucial for my next level of growth. Jess is so generous in sharing her own experiences and guiding us to find our own freedom and knows what really matters when running a business that is profitable: sustainability and alignment!

Gigi Bier, Money Coach

Investing in Jessica Rodriguez is by far the best investment I have made so far in my business.  She is an inspirational leader who cares deeply about those she serves. Her playful soul and her strategic, entrepreneurial mind are a potent combination for any business owner looking to work less and make more.  I cannot recommend her enough! She surpassed my every expectation as a mentor and helped my business thrive even in the toughest of times.  Jessica has a knack for bringing together business owners with diverse backgrounds that somehow fit perfectly together.  The people alone, who surround you in The Collective make your investment worthwhile.  If you are contemplating working with Jess, know that you will not be disappointed!  Her expertise will trigger massive shifts in your life and business that will forever change your direction for the better.

Rachel Krampe, Business Strategist