A fully customized 1:1 Intensive experience designed to simplify and support your next level of growth.


There's no doubt about it...

You're ready for level of growth that's much bigger than what's in front of you currently.

A level of growth where...

✅ You can radically increase your impact in the world, without adding more hours to your schedule.

✅ A few thousand a month turns into a consistent stream of five figure months, that can be generated with or without you there

✅ You have more ease and freedom in all areas of your life, starting with your business.

You've also been around long enough to know "secret" about this level of growth doesn't involve a "one size fits all" formula or strategy.

Every business is different.
Every definition for success is different.
Every person behind the business is different.
Every offer being provided is different.
Every funnel or launch strategy is different. 

Which is exactly why Strategize + Rise was created.


You have no shortage of ideas that can support your continued growth, but little time to implement them effectively.

You know you need systems in place that will allow you to automate sales in your business but find yourself unsure with how to piece it all together.

You've already been selling offers in your business but want to now do it on a much bigger scale so you can impact more lives with your gifts.

You struggle to take time away from your business because there's no way to increase (or even match) your current income without you there taking on clients, speaking or live selling.

You know the power of scalable income and sales funnels but want to create them in a way that's genuine to your mission and message.

You don’t have endless hours or even the desire to try and figure everything out on your own (you have a business to run and life to live)

At this point, you're not looking for:

  • A self-study option. You want to get down to the nitty gritty of what your business needs and do best being able to talk it out.
  • Any more random, un-customized and time-consuming opt-ins in your inbox or content from Google.
  • Some set "formula for success" that everyone and their mom is also using (and isn't even your style). 
  • A long-term 1:1 package. You’re looking to zero in and maximize your results in one key area of your business.

What you are looking for is...

  • A focused and customized strategy that matches your business, your goals and is in full alignment with the life you want. 
  • Someone to catch (and be honest about) the blind spots that are keeping you from achieving the level of success you're more than capable of.
  • Guidance and accountability from someone who knows, first hand, what it takes to succeed with integrity and heart in the online space. 
  • A results-driven action plan so you have the ability to increase your income while working less and living more (because, let's be honest here, you want and deserve freedom).  


Click below to apply for Strategize + Rise. This will allow us to talk more about your business, goals and next available dates to make sure we're a good fit!

The investment for Strategize + Rise is $3,000.

"I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the pivot in my business, and I had a list of all the things I needed to do; including upping my visibility; but didn't know how to tackle them all. Jessica took what was in my head and made it into an actionable plan - broken out into doable chunks vs. trying to do all the things at once. I also was accepted into Forbes with the pitch we created together a few weeks later!"

Emily Murnen, Owner & Founder at Wild Elm

"Jess was so massively supportive. Every time I reached out, she helped me through my stuck points or helped me talk through ideas. I was able to have a smooth launch and enrolled 7 amazing people into my program. That was a total of $31,500 in revenue!"

Erika Tebbens, Sales Strategist + Coach

"Jessica gave me the clarity to know exactly what to do next to scale my business, what to specifically build on, while making sure the future actions I take in my business with move it further towards my goals. She is beyond helpful and generous with her resources!"

Kay Fabella, D&I Consultant

"I'd been in ALL the courses and ALL the groups. I felt like I knew what needed to be done but was swimming in so many different techniques and opposing lists of marketing best practices. Between helping me to put the pieces together to consistently create new products to sell, transforming my free FB group from about 50 or so quiet people to a bustling EIGHT HUNDRED engaged members, growing my list to sell my passive course AND setting up the systems and team members needed to it all with ease… IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY. Get Jessica in your corner. You won't regret it."

Sarah Guilliot, Designer



Welcome Questionaire

Before our session, you'll receive a Welcome Questionnaire that is specifically designed to not only give you aha moments before we even start but also provide me with everything I need to know about your business so we can hit the ground running on our intensive.


Our 2-Hour 1:1 Intensive Session

Our 1:1 intensive will be hosted via Zoom so we can connect face to face, while taking a deep dive into your business in what it needs in order to reach the next level. This call will be 2 hours in length in order to provide you with the full clarity and action steps needed.

This intensive session is also recorded.


90 Day Implementation Plan

Within 74 hours of our session, you will receive a detailed 90 day implementation plan, based on everything we covered, so that you can get the ROI you're looking for as efficiently as possible. 

This means that you won't just have clarity on WHAT to do but a full checklist of what to complete (and in which order!) order so that you and/or your team can make it happen - ASAP.


30 Day Email + Voxer Access

For 30 days after our session, you will receive unlimited feedback and support from me on everything from reviewing your sales pages, sales funnels, landing pages, email sequences, etc. to brainstorming ideas and any questions you have along the way.

This can be done through both email and/or Voxer (a phone app that allows us to text or voice each other back and forth and my clients' favorite resource... ME in your back pocket).


Define what you truly want out of both your business and life, so we can create a 90 day strategy that aligns with what YOU really want?

Clarify your audience and messaging to simplify your content creation plan and promotion? 

Fully map out the necessary funnels and/or systems (leaving nothing to guesswork) so you can eliminate the confusion, save time and get things converting – FAST?

Get down to the nitty gritty of all your available offers so we can see where the specific income gaps are in your business that need to be bridged to meet your revenue goals?

Identify which organic approaches are best in order to bring traffic into your offers daily?

Determine which offers in your business are best to set up for passive sales and which are best for 1:1/DFY? 

YOU + ME + 2 HOURS =



The results that come out of Strategize + Rise are further proof that we don't need to work MORE to get better results. We simply need to get laser focused on what's right for your business and your goals.

In fact, here's some of the wins past clients have experienced through Strategize + Rise:

  • One woman who went from constantly being maxed out with 1:1 work to fully selling out her first group program (without a sales page or content created ahead of time!)
  • And another who implemented an evergreen sales funnel that leveraged four different offers to scale her business from jusssst under six-figures to multiple six figures, without having to increase her weekly business hours!
  • And another who went from unknown to unstoppable by accelerating her visibility efforts with a crystal clear plan that simplified getting in front of her ideal clients!
  • And another who ran her most ease filled course launch EVER with the plan we created and applied within her business!
  • And another who went from undercharging and overworking to developing both the right offer and unshakeable confidence needed to book her first $10k client!
  • Andddd another who was able to save a minimum of 10 hours a week by implementing automated systems that streamlined her business so she could have more time to live the life she created!


Click below to apply for Strategize + Rise. This will allow us to talk more about your business, goals and next available dates to make sure we're a good fit!

The investment for Strategize + Rise is $3,000.

"I finally have the steps to take, in a clear and logical order and was able to 5X my income within the first 30 days by implementing the plan we created!" 

Audrey Hughey, Founder of The Write Services

"I thought I was just going in for business strategy and ended up getting that and so much more! Not just any strategy but one that is aligned with myself and my vision of success plus a really strong foundation of business that included messaging and branding to help ME and MY expertise shine. It’s NOT just another investment and Jess isn't just any other coach."

Jennifer Rodriguez, Spiritual Mindset Coach

"I finalllllyyyyy launched my first ever funnel that was a huge success - converting at about 10%! I figured out all the things that used to feel daunting to me like Kartra, email sequences, FB ads, etc. all with Jessica's coaching AND I have a launch plan all ready to go to start next week!"

Emily King, Money Mindset Coach