How to Turn the Best of What You Offer 1:1 Into a Profitable Online Course 
(even if you're short on time, have a small audience or don't consider yourself 'tech savvy')

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  • Why most “best practices” being taught actually keep business owners in the “trading time for money” cycle vs breaking it. (Pssst! One of these common strategies actually increase work hours by 4X.)
  • My complete, step-by-step framework to turning your current 1:1 or DFY offer into an online course, right alongside your current schedule and responsibilities.
  • The hidden reason why NOT having a large audience, list size or endless amounts of content works to your advantage in creating a profitable online course in today's market.
  • How to simplify scaling the sales of your course in a way that still honors who you are, the transformation you provide and the connection you enjoy with your audience.