You've done quiteeee a bit of work in your business.

You’ve refined who you are meant to serve.
You’ve developed offers that excite you.
You’ve shown up on social media.
You’ve asked for the sale.
You’ve invested in your growth.

All things that absolutely deserve celebration in their own right. Especially because they have all helped to bring you to where you are today. A woman who is more knowledgeable and determined to rise than ever before.

The only problem?

The numbers still aren’t adding up to what you thought they’d be right now.

Which numbers?


No matter how many income goals you write on the goal board, you find yourself struggling to sell enough of your offers to actually hit it.


In order to increase your income, you need to increase your sales but that’s hard to do when you keep sharing the same offers to the same people.


Without a consistent stream of the right people learning about you and what you do, it makes it impossible to improve #2 and #1.

You've known you've needed to get more visible in your business for some time.

You’ve gotten yourself on all the social platforms.
(which only have turned into all the overwhelm to keep up with).

You’ve purchased the content creation calendars and caption generators.
(that are currently collecting dust)

You’ve worked on clarifying your messaging.
(but still feel like you sound like everyone else in your industry)

You’ve tried to batch your content to be more consistent.
(but there always winds up being other things that take priority)

You've shared things that felt SO on point.
(only to hear crickets back.)

And, if you’re being honest, you’re tired of it all feeling like a dance that consists of two steps forward, followed by two steps back.

Your work is too powerful to be hidden from those who need it.


The truth is all of the 746,474 different strategies you see for getting visible... work. There are people rocking it with Instagram and others rocking it on TikTok. There are people crushing it with podcasting and others crushing it with blogging.

The thing they're all doing that's the same? Leveraging their influential advantage in both their strategy and everything they create.

Your personal influential advantage is THE thing that naturally attracts people to you (and you're already using it in your everyday life).

And no, when we're talking about influence, we’re not talking about some random “show up half naked and push a quick-fix weight loss product” influence or “buy followers so you look like you’re super popular so brands work with you” kind of influence.

We’re talking about the kind of influential advantage that is based on genuine impact and revenue over vanity metrics.

We’re talking about the kind of influential advantage that doesn't just work to grow an audience but also lasts far beyond the latest social media platform or strategy.

The kind of influential advantage that can withstand any shift in the market.


  • Easily expand your reach with the right people who connect to you and your offers.
  • Be seen as the expert in your industry, regardless of how “saturated” it may be.
  • Collaborate with influencers who see the leader that you are and want to share you with their audience.
  • Develop a rock-solid confidence in your expertise and offers in a way that your audience thanks you for.
  • Step into a way of business that fully aligns with who you are at your core and others can’t help but take notice of.
  • Accelerate your visibility in a way that’s customized to your personality vs. someone else’s “one set way.
  • Never have to rely on a referral again because you have full control of how people are finding your business.
  • Easily attract an audience that is so ideal that you wonder why you ever worked differently in the past.

Now, what if I told you this could all be done organically as well?

Introducing (with a big "drumroll pleaseee!")...


90 Days to Influential is a five module course designed to show you how to organically stand out from the masses, accelerate your visibility, and amplify your sales… all in a way that is unique to you, your personality and how you work best!


"This course is pure GOLD!!! In the past, I’ve spent all my capacity putting together a plan and then was drained and overwhelmed when it came to implementing. With the plan laid out in 90DI I see every step clearly laid out, and how I can implement with much less overwhelm! If you are someone who feels overwhelmed and drained with it comes to showing up online, this program will help you get into a strategy that fits your personality!"

April Monique | @visibility.magic

"If you want to up your game and influence on social media this is definitely the course for you! Jessica takes you through step by step how to do just that - no fluff! She gets you in the right mindset and then gives you a wealth of knowledge and actionable steps to set you up for success. She does it in a very caring, realistic + flexible way. I love that she doesn't give you only one answer/one way - you get LOTS of options and examples because she understands that everyone is different. Her energy is off the charts, you won't be disappointed!"

Sarah Damasiewicz | @freespiritstitches


MODULE 1: Redefining Influence

In the words of MTV (undoubtedly, one of the biggest influencers of our time), “you think you know but you have no idea”... the same goes for influence for most in today’s connection-driven online space. This is why we need to start with debunking the myths that stall your visibility, create your unique influential compass (no spammy mc spammersons here!) and set you up for feel good success!

+ LESSON 1: Calibrating Your Unique Influential Compass

+ LESSON 2: The Realities that Will Amplify or Derail Your Influence

+ LESSON 3: The Responsibility of Influence

MODULE 2: Your Influential Advantage

How are you different from others in your industry? We’re going to go deep to find that out. This module alone will forever change the way you show up in your business as you get confidently clear on your unique story, beliefs and expertise and community in order to stand out from the masses by doubling down on who you already are.

+ LESSON 1: Identifying Your Community

+ LESSON 2: Owning Your Expertise

+ LESSON 3: Embracing Your Personality

+ LESSON 4: Connecting Your Story

+ LESSON 5: Completing Your Influential Audit

MODULE 3: Your Simplified Social Strategy + Content Plan

Standing out in the online space has nothing to do with being in all the places or in front of all the people. It’s about intentional focus. This is why we are going to create a customized plan for how you create content and show up on social media, that takes into account your time, capacity, personality and strengths as you say goodbye to cookie cutter formulas and embrace a way of marketing yourself that focuses on doing less, better.

+ LESSON 1: Identifying Your Power Platform

+ LESSON 2: Mastering Content that Converts

+ LESSON 3: Creating Your Grab and Go Content Bank

+ LESSON 4: Building Your Simplified Content Calendar

MODULE 4: The Art of Connections and Collaborations

The fastest way to build an organic audience? Collaborate with those who are already serving your audience in a way that complements the work you do. However, there is a true art to this in a way that becomes a win win for both sides and can be done no matter what the current size of your audience or business is. If you’ve ever wondered why it seems like everyone starts to know each other at a certain level, it’s because they all have been doing exactly what you’re going to learn and it has skyrocketed their growth. You can do the same!

+ LESSON 1: Creating Your Influencer Lists

+ LESSON 2: Establishing Genuine Connections in an Online World

+ LESSON 3: Finding Opportunities for Collaborations that Accelerate Your Organic Growth

+ LESSON 4: Pitching and the Going for the ASK (without Being a Slimeball)

MODULE 5: Tracking and Evaluating Your Influential Growth

How do you know what’s working? You track it. Most businesses struggle with their visibility efforts because they aren’t able to see what’s working so you can double down on it (and what isn’t so you can drop it). Without knowing this, you wind up leaving money on the table and put yourself into a cycle of busy work vs revenue generating work. Not anymore! We’ll go over how to set realistic and dream big goals for your visibility efforts along with how to know when it’s time to pivot or go all in with the plan you’ve created.

+ LESSON 1: How to Avoid Making Decisions from Drama vs Data

+ LESSON 2: Tracking to Identify What’s Working (and What’s Not)

+ LESSON 3: Outsourcing to Support Your Influential Growth

With audio trainings, workbooks, swipe files and more... 90 Days to Influential was specifically designed to show you how to harness and leverage the best of who you already are to accelerate your organic visibility and growth.

Join 90 Days to Influential today, for just $297, and turn your organic visibility efforts from time draining to income producing!

(And yes, this includes unlimited access to all the content inside, and any future updates, to use as often as you'd like!)


"I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the pivot in my business, and I had a list of all the things I needed to do; including upping my visibility; but didn't know how to tackle them all. Jessica took what was in my head and made it into an actionable plan - broken out into doable chunks vs. trying to do all the things at once. I also was accepted into Forbes with the pitch we created together a few weeks later!"

Emily Murnen | @wildelmevents

"The value I have received has blown me away! This course gives you structured, systemised help and makes you feel like a winner, not a chancer and this Monday will be week 3 of my new approach - me being consistent & planned online!"

Angela Clucas | @nextlevelnutritionltd


Hey, I'm Jessica Rodriguez!

And I know a thing or two when it comes to the power of influence.

Over the past nine years I have run multiple online businesses, in completely different niches, that have generated over a million dollars in revenue, all while being exactly who I am and taking both my audience and clients through the journey with me.

I have also been the strategic marketing mind behind the scenes of businesses that have ranged from start-up to multi-million dollar powerhouses who want to use their expertise to create good in the world.

All of that experience has shown me that building a solid online business has very little to do with vanity metrics or doing #allthethings "to be seen" and everything to do with your ability to harness and leverage your unique influential advantage.

Unfortunately, many use their influence this in a way that can cause harm. Which is why a large part of what I do is around the belief that it is our responsibility, as change-makers in this world, to learn the skills that allow our work to be seen by those who need it.

Because THAT is how we create the change we wish to see.


  • Replaced the income of four jobs (one full time, three part time) within my first 11 months of my first online business.
  • Founded profitable online businesses that have needs in the health and wellness, social media, true crime and entrepreneurial spaces.
  • Paid off $65k in debt in six months to prove to myself the power of no longer allowing others to control my financial freedom.
  • Consistently sold out my 1:1 offers by leveraging my unique stance and expertise in “saturated markets,” without the need for sleazy sales tactics or high pressure approaches.
  • Launched two podcasts that reached the top charts in iTunes and bring in consistent leads and incredible connections.
  • Successfully matched and then surpassed my 1:1, with scalable offers that can sell and serve on autopilot.  A way of business that has transformed the way I work and live.
  • Celebrated being featured on numerous stages, podcasts and blogs as a guest expert so that I could continue to spread my mission beyond myself.
  • Have helped hundreds of business owners turn their 1:1 and DFY work into scalable offers that can sell and serve on autopilot.
  • Can legit say I do what I want, when I want, with a business that supports both.
  • Currently motivated by becoming a "six-figure giver" to the causes that mean the most to me vs "six-figure earner."


What type of business will this work for?​

Any business (B2B or B2C) that wants to organically stand out from the masses, accelerate their reach, and amplify their sales online.

Is the content available right away?​

We are currently updating the entire 90 Days to Influential program which means that we will be dripping it out to you, starting May 3rd, with one module per week. After that, you will have unlimited access to the content (including any future updates!)

How are the trainings delivered inside 90 Days to Influential?

In an effort to keep this a #flufffreezone, you will see that all trainings are provided in audio format, with a workbook provided so that you can get to work right alongside my voice. The bonuses are a mix of audio, video walkthroughs and swipe files.

How is this different than Clients to Courses®?

Clients to Courses® goes deep into multiple areas of your business (mindset, visibility, launching, hiring, scaling, etc.) to support generating a six-figure income stream from an online course and includes group support, coaching, etc. Due to this, Clients to Courses® is a figure figure investment. 90 Days to Influential specifically focuses on the areas that support your visibility efforts. 90 Days to Influential is also not specific to course creators the same way that Clients to Courses®, you can use the trainings with 90 Days to Influential with any business or offers.


How about doing it organically as well?

Get unlimited access to 90 Days to Influential for just $297!

"I have taken other social media courses, programs, and have even gotten prompt templates, but nothing clicked until I took 90 Days to Influential. The course is laid out in clear, easy steps and focused on creating a plan that fits my business, personality, and lifestyle. Jessica is my favorite teacher, because she’s so down to earth and real and promotes showing up as yourself. And she provides lots of tools and templates to take out any guesswork or over-thinking! I could go on and on, but basically, if you want to show up and serve your audience consistently and authentically, this is your course!"

Amy Martin Grimes | @thesinglemomhomemaker

"I'd been in ALL the courses and ALL the groups. I felt like I knew what needed to be done but was swimming in so many different techniques and opposing lists of marketing best practices. Between helping me to put the pieces together to consistently create new products to sell, transforming my free FB group from about 50 or so quiet people to a bustling EIGHT HUNDRED engaged members, growing my list to sell my passive course AND setting up the systems and team members needed to it all with ease… IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY. Get Jessica in your corner. You won't regret it."

Sarah Guilliot | @sarahdesignagency